"IIR" high filtration medical mask (box of 50)


Medical mask with very high filtration EN14683 IIR, ref SAA03

Brand: Safety Armor. barcode: 05430002076119, manufactured in the PRC
• Half mask made of three layers of polypropylene in non-woven. Two outer spunbond layers and an inner meltblown layer constitute the filter material.
• Each side of the mask has an elastic band allowing the mask to be fixed on the face.
• A metal nasal bar covered with plastic allows the mask to be adjusted on the face at the level of the nose.
• Extremely light and comfortable.
• Protection of healthcare professionals and patients against infectious diseases, prevent large particles projected by the wearer (eg saliva, phlegm) from reaching the patient or the working environment, and carrier is not exposed to blood and / or body fluids from the patient or present in the work environment.
• Layer resistant to splashes of blood and body fluids

Technical characteristics :
• Materials :
- Three layers of non-woven, polypropylene, non-woven;
- Fixing elastic: rubber;
- Nose bar: metallic and covered with plastic.
• Color: blue / white.
• Maintenance: maintenance-free, single-use device.
• Compliance: EN14683 Class I, type IIR
EFB (Bacterial filtration efficiency) greater than or equal to 98%.
Each box contains a barcode, a reference number, production and expiration date, as well as the instructions for use on the box itself.

Test report and certification available on request