Type II surgical mask (box of 50)


Very high filtration surgical mask

Brand: Safety Armor. barcode: 5430002076003, manufactured in the PRC
• Half mask made up of three layers of non-woven polypropylene. Two outer spunbond layers and an inner meltblown layer constitute the filter material.
• Each side of the mask has an elastic band allowing the mask to be fixed on the face.
• A metal nasal bar covered with plastic allows the mask to be adjusted on the face at the level of the nose.
• Extremely light and comfortable.
• Surgical masks are intended for use in operating rooms and health facilities.

Technical characteristics :
• Materials: - Three layers of polypropylene; - Fixing elastic: rubber; - Nose bar: metallic and covered with plastic.
• Color: blue.
• Maintenance: maintenance-free, single-use device.
• Packaging: in dispenser box of 50 masks.
• Compliance: EN14683 Class I, type II;

EFB (Bacterial filtration efficiency) greater than or equal to 99%.

Each box contains a barcode, a reference number, date of production and expiration, as well as the instructions for use on the box itself.

Packaging: box of 50 masks.