ECG Veroval


Veroval 2 in 1,ECG / blood pressure.

Monitoring heart activity and measuring blood pressure.

Mobile ECG function:

Detects atrial fibrillations – a major cause of strokes
Heart rhythm can be recorded in just 30 seconds ‒ anywhere and anytime
Simple analysis of measured values using a traffic-light system
Detects cardiac arrhythmias such as extrasystoles, an early sign of circulatory disorders, and inflammation of the heart muscle
Results are displayed immediately in an easily understandable format; plus a detailed view (electrocardiogram) for your doctor

Fully automatic blood pressure measurement function:

For gentle and precise upper arm measurements
High measuring accuracy
Comfortable universal size cuff with ergonomic fit
Simple analysis of measured values using a traffic-light system
Data can be easily saved using the Veroval® medi.connect software
Data can be shared between all Veroval® devices such as the scale and activity tracker
USB Bluetooth adapter included

With the medi.connect Veroval software, patients can synchronize and analyze their measurements.


The free Veroval® medi.connect software for downloading on to
your computer
You can transfer your data quickly and easily to your PC using the supplied USB cable
Automatically obtain perfectly prepared graphs of your values.
Select different analysis periods : day, week, month.
At the same time, the software helps you to correctly assess the readings and to compare the data from
different devices. In just a few clicks all results can be printed out for the doctor or sent by e-mail.

Ideal for stroke prevention!!!