First aid kit

First aid kit

A first aid kit is part of the mandatory equipment in Belgium it is regularly check the contents and keep them within easy reach of the driver.

In Belgium, every car driver should have an emergency kit in their vehicle.

It consists of sterile compression bandages of different sizes, sterile triangular bandage strips of light cambric, cellophane (also of different sizes), but also strips 10 stella "standard", 2 safety pins and a 'first aid' leaflet with details of the official text.

First aid kit should definitely offer products individually wrapped to preserve all the cleanliness required at the time of their use.

Finally, it must be in accordance with current standards, namely the Royal Decrees of 15 March 1968, 14 January 1971 and 12 December 1975. On the website Medline, the standard legal aid kit costs only € 11.86!