In emergencies, limit the risk of losing all your energy, using a high quality cardiac defibrillator: the "Philips Heartstart HS1".

The model "Philips Heartstart HS1" is a cardiac defibrillator designed for both professionals and the general public.

Beyond compliance with standards, this machine uses the wave "SMART biphasic", the only wave validated by the "American Heart Association".

In addition, this defibrillator has the great merit to explain to the user how to use it. Indeed, a gentle voice, calm and natural, recites - point by point - the various stages of resuscitation: how to manage the shock but also, if necessary, word-of-mouth or cardiac massage.

The model "Philips Heartstart HS1" finally offers a totally safe use, since the shock occurs only if the people around the intensivist were warned.
Defibrillator Philips Defibrillator HS1