Cardioline TouchECG HD+

Model Price
Tablet version (included) 2 303,24€
The Cardioline Touchecg ECG is a new 12-track electrocardiographic concept based on tablet PC, touch screen and easy-to-use wireless cable.

Touchecg's easy-to-use interface makes it an easy and fast electrocardiograph, comfortable for both patient and user, while ensuring high quality waveforms.
The excellent portability of Touchecg, also guaranteed by its supplied carrying case, makes it an ideal device for active professionals.
In a clinical environment or in the doctor's office, the electrocardiograph can be mounted on a small cart designed with an accessory carrier.

The ECG CardiolineTouchecg supports:
HD + wireless acquisition module; equipped with next-generation technology
HD + acquires diagnostic 12-track ECG meets waveforms, exceeding the highest standards for clinical applications and diagnostics (AAMI, ANSI, AHA, ACC).
In addition, by applying the Glasgow interpretation algorithm, the Cardioline Touchecg ECG becomes a complete, highly technological device while retaining the compact and easy-to-use features.
The powerful settings of the Cardioline Touchecg ECG make it the first electrocardiograph capable of communicating directly with a cloud archive without the need to connect to a PC network, leaving aside the problems of managing the files.
Several connection options and the variety of supported protocols allow the integration of the ECG into any type of clinical data flow, archives and local management systems, hospital PACS etc, thanks to the DICOM standard.
The Cardioline Touchecg ECG can be connected to a convenient A4 wireless printer for printing waveforms in different formats.
The Cardioline Touchecg ECG: the way Cardioline makes mobile computing a useful tool for professional doctors.