Dechoker - Anti-choking device

This product is not available on the UK market through Medline

Be ready to respond when someone experiences a choking emergency in your home or business. The Dechoker* is an anti-choking device small enough to keep with a first-aid kit. The adult-sized unit is designed for ages 12 and up.

The Dechoker uses powerful suction to remove fluid and materials from the airway. It works in seconds and is easy to use on yourself or someone else. Registered as an FDA Class I medical device, the Dechoker is manufactured ISO13485 compliant. Dechoker can be used for up to two years in a home. It is designed for single use in public spaces or places of business.


Dechoker Adult with metal cabinet includes:

1x Dechoker Adult
2x Unpowder gloves
2x Disinfectant Wipes
1x Survival cover
1x Gauze pads

Dechoker with emergency kit includes:

1x Dechoker Adult
1x resuscitation ball
1x adult mask
1 child mask
1x whistle
1x bite block
2x disinfectant wipes
1x CPR mask
2x gloves
1x oxygen tank

Model Price Quantity
Adult 115,49€ 99,50€
Children (3 - 12 years) 99,50€
Toddlers (12mos - 3 years) 98,49€
Dechoker Single Adult in Metal Cabinet 141,00€
Dechoker with first aid-kit 220,00€
Dechoker Wall Cabinet - Complete Kit with 3 Units 285,00€

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Dechoker - Anti-choking device
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