Digital blood pressure monitor Omron M6 Comfort

Property Price
Omron M6 Comfort 108,90€
M6 Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor.
Largest display in the market. Makes it easy for everybody to measure and read the results. 
One set of batteries is good for 1500 measurements! Longest battery life in the market.
Intellisense comfort inflation: only pumps as high as necessary and decreases measurement time. 
Ninety memories with date and time stamp: offers the optimum in data storage. 
Averaging mode: averages 3 values and helps to better illustrate long term blood pressure developments.
Measurement quality indicators.
Detect and display if irregular heartbeats or user movement disturb the measurement. Only reliable measurements are displayed. 
One button operation makes it easy to operate.
Clinically validated according to the International protocol of the ESH.
Delivered with preformed Comfort cuff for arm from 22 to 42cm (M + L).