Epi Classic bandage

Cellacare Epi Classic is a knitted bandage for compression and relief of pressure on the elbow joint as well as on the muscles and tendons surrounding the joint.

- Knitted bandage with compression effect
- Intermittent massage
- Can be worn on the left or right
- Compression knit to improve proprioception
- Two balls for an intermittent massage
- Due to its symmetrical structure, the bandage can be worn both in the left elbow and in the right elbow
- anatomical shape
Model Price Quantity
T1/ 19-21CM 29,15€
T2/ 21-23CM 29,15€
T3/ 23-26CM 29,15€
T4/ 26-29CM 29,15€
T5/ 29-32CM 29,15€

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