GlucoMen Areo GK Set


Glucomen Areo GK set supplied with 3 boxes of 50 tigettes

Technical data 

Tests : Blood glucose ; Ketones
Test strip code: Not required
Sample type: capillary whole blood
Temperature compensation: Built-in thermosensor temperature compensation
Batteries: 2 x 3.0 V lithium batteries (CR2032)
Battery life: minimum 900 tests, plus or minus 1 year (2-3 tests per day)
Memory: 730 glucose results and 100 ketone results with markers, dates and times. When the memory is full, new results replace old ones.
Data management: pre- and post-prandial markers, physical activity and quality controls are available.
Alarms: up to 6 audible alarms can be set (3 for blood glucose and 3 for ketones).
Data transfer: via an appropriate USB cable or NFC connection (all results) or via an external Bluetooth connection (blood glucose results only).
Averages: for periods of 1, 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days (blood glucose results only).
Auto power off: after 90 seconds of inactivity before the test (test strip inserted in the meter with flashing blood drop display); after 60 seconds of inactivity after the test and with error messages Er2, Er3, Er4, HI and LO; 5 seconds after error messages Er1, temperature icon and temperature icon.
Er1 error messages, the temperature icon and the battery icon.
Dimensions: 107 x 58 x 13.5 mm
Weight: 61 g (without batteries)

Meter ambient conditions: Temperature: 5-45°C
for blood glucose tests; 10-40°C for ketone tests;
Relative humidity: 20-90% (non-condensing) for blood glucose tests; < 85% for ketone tests.
Instrument storage conditions: Temperature: -20-50°C ;
Relative humidity: 20-90%.
Storage temperature control solution: 4-30°C
Operating environment: The instrument complies with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.
electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.
European Directive / Classification :
98/79 / EC / Annex II, List B
Instrument standard :
EN ISO 15197 : 2015