KIPIC mesotherapy needles

Quantity Diameter Length Price
10 boxes 32G 4 mm 270,00€
10 boxes 32G 13 mm 270,00€
10 boxes 30G 4 mm 144,99€
10 boxes 30G 13 mm 144,99€
10 boxes 27G 4 mm 144,99€
10 boxes 27G 13 mm 144,99€

KIPIC® needles are hypodermic disposable needles.
With the best quality / price ratio, the KIPIC® brings injection comfort to the practitioner with a sharp bevel, great safety and are easy to use.
They are painless and atraumatic for patients.
Ideally designed for all mesotherapy injections, botulinum toxin and other applications.
Hypodermic needles are used with sterile syringes or infusion / transfusion devices.
For drug infusion and blood collection.
KIPIC® needles meet medical requirements, Class IIa and are sterilized with ethylene oxide (ETO).
They are fitted with a protective tube to protect the bevel.
Packaged in individual medical grade sachets guaranteeing needle protection and maintaining sterile condition.


- Injections into the subcutaneous, intramuscular soft tissues; intravenous, intra vitreous, intra-articular and others ...
- Blood collect
- Fine needle aspiration

Conditioning :

- Box of 100 pieces.
- The minimum order is 10 boxes of 100 needles.