Cardiac Defibrillator

The cardiac defibrillator, not just for emergency!

Cardiac arrest does not prevent, it can occur at any time, even in subjects that seem in good shape and do not present a priori no heart problem.

The speed with which first aid is awarded is crucial in survival. Unfortunately, relief can rarely reach the scene of the accident in a time short enough time to ensure the survival.

While many think that they are powerless against a person in cardiac arrest, it is not so! First, the cardiac massage is learned and can already do wonders for a person off, anyone can take the trouble to form them.

Then, contrary to popular belief, the defibrillator is now a medical instrument that can be used by each of us in a crisis! Given the life expectancy that offers a victim, the interest is huge to see place defibrillators in public places, restaurants, gyms, shopping centers and other venues.