Dermatoscope Heine Delta 20T

Property Price
Delta 20T head 828,85€

The Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope is a high quality instrument head to be combined with the optional handle in the Beta range. The achromatic optical system achieves 10 to 16 x magnification, thus allowing the doctor a detailed view of the skin.

The Delta 20T enables a simple switch between polarised and non-polarised views just by pressing a button and allows dermatologists to easily perceived "blink sign", when examining milia, for instance.

Product details

•Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope
•Instrument head for the optionally available Beta/Beta R/Beta L handles (2.5V and 3.5V)
•Provides high quality images and enables both diagnostic flexibility and precise diagnosis
•Simple switch between polarised and non-polarised views: "Toggle" function ("blink sign")
•Switch by simply pressing a button; no need to change the contact disc
•Bright homogeneous light for accurate colour rendition
•High quality, achromatic optical system for high-definition images
•Contact dermatoscopy possible with immersion oil
•Effective heat management of the LEDs for constant quality and performance
•Contact disc with scale

Technical details

•Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope
•10 to 16-fold magnification
•Colour temperature: 5,000 K
•Colour rendition index (CRI) > 80 (on max. scale of 100)
•LED lifespan: up to 50,000 hours

Available handles