Heine Delta 30 Pro dermatoscope

1 923,90€

DELTA 30 PRO includes:

Contact point with graduation

Power block E4-USBC with cable

Hard carrying case

Premium dermatoscope with the best imaging

Thanks to a new arrangement of the LEDHQ elements, the light also reaches the deeper layers of the skin. This results in an extremely voluminous and spatial representation of lesions, similar to a 3D image. Truly a world first: the HEINE colorSHIFT function, which allows you to easily adjust the color temperature to your own visual preferences.

Extremely voluminous and spatial representation of lesions

Very good assessment of the spatial structure of lesions due to deeper penetration of light through the angular and directional arrangement of LEDHQ

Improved differentiation between dark and light structures and patterns in polarized light

Switching between polarized and non-polarized light with a simple press of a button = Toggle function

Crystal-clear image, regardless of the chosen working distance

Large field of view with a true Ø of 30 mm thanks to the lens diameter of 32 mm