Dynacast AS moldable ankle support Bsn Medical

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> 170 cm 63,61€
Unique Splint That Provides A Customised Fit.
A unique solution for rehabilitation of acute ankle injuries and ongoing chronic joint instability
Splint can be moulded to the exact shape of the patient?s ankle simply by running it under the tap
Elasticated straps provide protection from twisting whilst allowing movement forwards and backwards
The supplied elastic bandage is reusable and allows the splint to be used to lock the ankle completely
"Low profile design allows the splint to be worn under everyday footwear, as well as training shoes and football boots"

Suitable for 

Ankle sprains.
Ankle muscle strains.
Stable malleolar fractures.
Distal tibia-fibula stress fractures.
Step down device after a walking cast.

Kit includes: Mouldable 6 Ply Fibre Glass Stirrup; Re-usable Elastic Bandage; Gel Pack (to reduce swelling prior to moulding); Elasticated Strap; U-Shaped Foam Inserts; Full Fitting Instructions