Method of payment

Pay for your purchases safely and securely

1. Online payment

Secure Payment

a) Hipay

We have chosen to entrust HIPAY management of our online payments through its service "Ultra Secure". This service puts you in direct contact with the servers of the bank for payment by credit card. Encrypting your data HIPAY uses efficient technology: the SSL encryption process that protects all data related to payment, to ensure customers a completely secure transaction. The information you provide during your payment remain totally unknown to us. They are then processed by the Financial Services HIPAY today handles millions of electronic payment transactions.

Protecting your credit card number
In addition to this method for the secure encryption HIPAY uses the security system developed by SIPS ATOS European leader in secure payment systems. This protocol is used by most French banks and major players in the online sale. It provides optimal protection of credit card numbers transmitted over the Internet. Your bank details are encrypted before transmission and the server.

The site does not retain your credit card number
Credit card number is not stored in the sales history of the site. This is an added protection from HIPAY . This will require re-enter this information every time you shop online.

b) Ingenico (ogone)

Ingenico is the world leader in fixed and mobile payment solutions.

The card data will be stored on their secure platform to make our site more easily compliant with PCI standards.
Its latest generation of payment terminals Telium TETRA integrates a new operating system with a user-friendly user interface, open to Web standards and offering unsurpassed security. This new operating system, which is a secure value for the future, relies on innovative and powerful security mechanisms to bridge the gap between secure payment and the open web environment. A new experience is at the fingertips of developers, users and final consumers

As a global expert, Ingenico Group is more than ever the trusted third party in the merchant / consumer relationship to reduce the complexity of payment for merchants while improving the consumer shopping experience.

By focusing on innovation and transaction security, they show the way forward in a market of globalized payment solutions

2. Payment by deposit / transfer

Before making your payment, you can ask in your local bank for our company´s references. They can confirm impartially that Medline S.A. is a secure company to deal with.